West Basin Water Recycling Facility

The Furman Group helped the West Basin Municipal Water District in California to obtain nearly $100 million in Federal funding for the construction and expansion of the West Basin Water Recycling Facility.

The West Basin Water Recycling Facility is the only treatment facility in the United States with the ability to provide five different qualities of "designer" or custom-made recycled water that have undergone various advanced treatment processes to meet the specific needs of different municipal, commercial and industrial applications. Recycled water is used successfully for landscape irrigation, cooling towers, refineries and innovative applications such as street sweeping and toilet flushing. By using recycled water for non-potable uses, customers such as Chevron, BP Carson Refinery, Exxon/Mobil, Home Depot National Training Center, Toyota and Goodyear are conserving billions of gallons of drinking water for the region every year. High-quality recycled water produced by West Basin is blended with potable water and injected into the South Bay's groundwater basin to prevent seawater intrusion.

To meet the region's water demand, the West Basin Water Recycling Facility is expanding to increase its production of high-quality recycled water. During 2004-2005, the West Basin Water Recycling Plant produced more than 8 billion gallons of recycled water, and after two successful expansion projects, West Basin is moving forward with its $55-million Phase IV Expansion Project. The expansion will ultimately increase production of recycled water for the West Coast groundwater basin by 5 million gallons per day and will also increase the production of Title 22 recycled water by 10 million gallons per day. Upgrades to the existing barrier water production system will also be installed, improving the efficiency of the treatment process and increasing the quality of the barrier product water.

The WBWRF produces five different qualities of recycled water, or "designer water," all of which meet the treatment and water quality requirements specified in the California Department of Health Services Water Recycling Criteria for different recycled water applications.

  • Tertiary Water: Secondary treated wastewater that has been filtered and disinfected for a wide variety of industrial and irrigation uses.
  • Nitrified Water: Tertiary water that has been nitrified to remove ammonia for industrial cooling towers.
  • Softened Reverse Osmosis Water: Secondary treated wastewater pretreated by either lime clarification or microfiltration, followed by reverse osmosis (RO) and disinfection for groundwater recharge, which is superior to state and federal drinking water standards.
  • Pure Reverse Osmosis Water: Secondary treated wastewater that has undergone microfiltration and RO for Chevron's low-pressure boiler feed water.
  • Ultra-Pure Reverse Osmosis Water: Secondary treated water that has undergone microfiltration and two passes through RO for high-pressure boiler feed water.
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