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We are highly specialized, experienced, forward-thinking professionals, and how we win is with custom solutions that mix trusted methods with novel, innovative ideas. The Furman Group is proud of its record in developing innovative financing plans involving both private and government financing for the development of water, wastewater, airport and other infrastructure projects. Every year we help our clients access millions of federal dollars.

  • The Furman Group’s success in representing clients in the area of water infrastructure programs is grounded in our well-honed, multifaceted approach to ensuring client success. Specifically, we separate each issue and approach it in a “strategic” and a “tactical” context.
    Our “strategic” strategy involves the continuous consideration of the broad landscape of public policy, political considerations and the key actors in the decision-making processes that impact our clients, including Congress, the Executive Branch and relevant non-governmental entities. We monitor trends and changes in policy, politics and personnel, and devote a significant amount of effort to making sure that we know and understand the leaders—and emerging leaders—in the areas that impact our clients. By being constantly engaged in strategic positioning, we are able to put our clients in the best possible position for success.
  • Our “tactical” strategy is the day-to-day execution of our strategic vision. We are able to leverage information and mobilize the broad base of relationships that we have developed to tell the story of our clients effectively and at the level where decisions are made. The Furman Group excels at converting its strategic approach into success through the use of a tactical “ground-game.”
Our success on behalf of clients speaks for itself and represents the respect that decision-makers have for our professional prowess and integrity. In everything we do for clients, we are always mindful of our “strategic” and “tactical” approaches, and the benefits that our clients derive from a highly discipline operating model.

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