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The Furman Group is a boutique company that provides professional government relations services in the limited areas of water and infrastructure development, Federal land use and environmental regulation. If your public agency or company is looking for assistance in the Nation's Capital with a project or problem in these areas, we can help. We have the experience and expertise to design and develop a government relations program tailored to meet your needs - and to get the job done.

The Furman Group has access to senior decision makers in Congress and within Federal agencies. That access is built upon a foundation of honesty, integrity and trust developed over many years of service in the Nation's Capital. The Furman Group utilizes both its bi-partisan in-house personnel and a team of "on call" consultants to represent our clients on Capitol Hill and in the Executive Branch.

We monitor the legislative process, draft legislation and Congressional testimony, and work with Members of Congress and their staffs to ensure that our clients' message is communicated effectively. Whether our goal is to pass new legislation, secure an appropriation for an important infrastructure project, or stop a harmful bill - we know how to take action quietly and effectively.

The Furman Group provides professional government relations services to its clients based upon an annual retainer. Our retainers are based, in part, upon the time that we estimate the representation will require on the part of our professionals, the difficulty of the projects in comparison to other projects, and such intangibles as the amount of political capital that will be necessary for the firm to expend to accomplish the client's goals.

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