Federal Land Use & Regulation

The Furman Group provides government relations consulting services to a broad range of clients in the area of federal land use and regulation. We have extensive experience working with the various federal land management agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management, the National Park Service, and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service on matters involving project permitting, mitigation, land exchanges and the sale of public lands. In addition, the firm has significant experience working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on water management, wetlands and Section 404 issues.

For example, a major defense contractor asked us to help design and implement the largest interstate land exchange ever approved by Congress. Clients continue to call upon us to assist them with challenging federal land use issues. We have written and facilitated Congressional passage of legislation authorizing booming cities in the American West to purchase large blocks of federal land. We have also participated in the permitting of two major airports on federal land and successfully obtained rights-of-way and easements for numerous major water and transportation projects.

The Furman Group not only has a proven track record of helping our clients cut through federal red tape but also knows how to protect our clients from over reaching regulation by federal land use agencies - particularly in the area of wetlands and Section 404 issues.

Our work speaks for itself. We provide win-win solutions. Our success is born from the solid understanding that "Who we are is how we win." Our reputation for honesty, integrity and technical expertise is the cornerstone of our business. To learn more about who we are, visit our executive profiles page.

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